"Editores Mexicanos Unidos, S. A., trae para usted este novedoso libro, a fin de que pase un fin de año inolvidable. Hemos reunido lo mejor para que en compañia de sus seres queridos, disfrute de estas fechas de paz, amor y alegria. Que es la navidad? Origenes, La corona de Aviento... La navidad en casa: El arbol, el nacimiento, la cena de noche buena... LLega el año nuevo: rituales para despedir el año viejo, la cena..."

Encuéntralo en Biblioteca Unidad San Pedro, 745.59412 S687t 2009.

"It's a quiet Christmas Eve. The snow is fresh and white, the kids are tucked in and dreaming, and even the mice are snug in their homes. But wait--what's that clatter? This classic Christmas poem was first published anonymously in a newspaper 1823, and it later appeared in an anthology of poetry from the American author Clement Clarke Moore in 1844. This unabridged version from a 1912 edition includes color illustrations from American artist Jessie Willcox Smith."

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"Since the mid-1820s, a series of lectures has been delivered each year over the Christmas period in the world-famous Faraday Lecture Theatre at The Royal Institution of Great Britain by prominent scientists, addressed specifically to an audience of children. Initially made accessible in book form, the lectures have been nationally televised throughout the UK and distributed worldwide since the 1960s, making them accessible to an even larger audience. The importance of these lectures in promoting science to a broad audience is perhaps best gauged by the fact that an image of one of Faraday's lectures appeared on the Bank of England #65533;20 note in the 1990s.This anthology brings together, for the first time, a carefully chosen selection of 11 lectures from the 1860s to the 1990s. The selection includes lectures by Michael Faraday, arguably the most important and influential 19th-century physicist, and Lawrence Bragg, the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Prize. Through this work, readers will come to grips with the changing nature of popular science lectures over the past 140 years."

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