In collaboration with the Modern Language Academy and Biblioteca UDEM, we present:



Objective: that students develop reading abilities and critical thinking, in addition to solidarity.



Important Dates

15 feb 2024 Last day to register and turn in the food basket in Acciones Solidarias. 

7 mar 2024 Plot Twist Event Day.


Event Foundation

Participation and Registration

  • Only students from Prepa UDEM San Pedro can participate.
  • Each participant must register under these criteria:
    • Commit to reading the specified 8 books.
    • All books can be found in Prepa UDEM San Pedro’s library.
  • Agree to be part of a team of 2 to 4 people.
    • Students without a team will be assigned one.
  • Each team must bring a basic food basket (canasta básica) to ensure their registration. The basket will be delivered to Casa INDI, an institution dedicated to helping those in need.
  • The student must act in strict accordance with the Honor Code and the principles and values of UDEM.

Specifications of the Event

  • The event will take place from 8:10 to 11:40 AM, and consists of the following stages:
    • Inauguration. 3 rounds.
    • The final round.
    • Award ceremony and closure.
  • The teams must arrive at the school’s library before 8:10 AM, where the inauguration will occur. Specifications on when and where they will compete will be clarified there.
  • The students must follow the event’s schedule and return to class in case of disqualification.
  • Each round will work as follows:
    • The teams will sit at their assigned table from where they will participate. A member from each team will connect to the app COSMOBUZZ on their personal electronic device, as organizers will not provide any.
    • Once on the app, the teams will have a digital button.
    • The organizers will ask a question related to the book's content, and the teams must answer with the corresponding book title and author.
  • The first team to press the button has the right to answer within 30 seconds. If their answer is wrong, the next team may respond.
  • If a team presses the button before the organizers finish reading the question, they must answer with what they managed to hear.
  • If the judges consider an answer incorrect, but the team says that it is correct, they will have 5 minutes to consult the book and find the quote that confirms their answer. Teams can only do this once each round.
    • The team that answers correctly will earn 2 points.
    • If the author or book has already been mentioned by the previous team, only 1 point will be given in case of points theft.


  • The award ceremony will take place at 11:20 AM in Prepa UDEM San Pedro's library where the top three winners will be announced.
  • The teams that win first, second, and third will be given a prize from the school’s library and the Modern Language Academy.
  • Participants who obtain 14 points or more will receive an academic incentive from the Modern Language Academy.


  • Any circumstance not stipulated here will be resolved by the jury and the organizing committee.

Book List

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